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There is a little lake close to my home where I often return to paint in "plein air" It is a spiritual place to bee. I like to return to the same place to study in different weather time of the day, seasons.

it is  like meditiation and when I paint close to nature I get even closer 

I often find momentary stillness, is calming and grounding närvaro. Det är som tiden stannar. It is magical and a great place to be! It is a spiritual place to be

Welcome to  my webbsight!

I live in the south of Sweden. Art have always been a great interest in my life and I like to experiment with different techniques. I find inspiration to my motives everywhere. My favorite motive is landscape and I love to paint outdoor close to nature! It is something in the landscape that absolutely speaks to me. How trees hung. How the wind captures the leaves. How water reflects the world above it.  The solid ground, stones, cliffs, sand... All natures shapes and colors in harmony.  

I like to return to the same place to study how it changes in different times of the day, in different weather and in different seasons of the year. While I am painting in nature and  try to capture a place character  I often find stillness. It is calming and grounding.  It is magical and a spiritual place to be!

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