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Welcome to  my website!

I live in Lund in the south of Sweden. Art have always been a great interest in my life.  My favorite motive is landscape and I love to paint outdoor close to nature! It is something in the landscape that absolutely speaks to me. How trees hung. How the wind captures the leaves. How water reflects the world above it.  The solid ground, stones, cliffs, sand. All natures shapes and colors. In nature is a magical and a spiritual place to be! I study the landscape different times of the day, in different weather and in different seasons of the year. 

I use different techniques in my artwork. I often do sketches with pencils or crayons.  When I paint landscape my favorite is oil color. I also like to experiment with mixed media, for example structure building materials mixed with acrylic paint.

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2018 autumn exhibition
2018 summer exhibition
Adventsutställning 2
Höstsalongen Fogdaröd
Adventsutställning 1
Tidens tand
Galleri Thorlund med Agering
Vårsalong i Genarp
Galleri Olson
Höstsalongen i Lunds Stadshall
St Staffansgården
Maria Andrens studio
Det mobila galleriet
Inga Björsteth
Skånska målarskolan
Marie Andren 2
RMI Berghs


2019 - Easter exhibition- Galleri G, Genarp, Sweden. See more

2018 - Autumn exhibition - Galleri G, Genarp, Sweden. See more

2018 - Summer exhibition - Galleri G, Genarp, Sweden. See more

2018 - "Romele Konsthall", Dörröd, Sweden

2018 - "Konstrundan"- Galleri G, Genarp, Sweden. See more

2017 - "Lunds Stadshall" with LundaCraft, Lund, Sweden. See more

2017 - "Höstsalongen" in Fogdaröd, Höör, Sweden. See more

2017 - "Kulturnatten" in Lund, Sweden 

2016 - "Lunds Stadshall" with LundaCraft, Lund, Sweden. See more

2016 - "Konstkväll i Lund" with LundaCraft, Lund, Sweden. See more

2016 - "Maria Thorlunds galleri", Lund, Sweden. See more

2014 - Galleri Olson, Malmö, Sweden. See more

2009 - 2014  "Medborgarhuset" in  Genarp, Sweden. See more

2002 - Besam Landskrona, Sweden

2001 - Anoto, Ideon Lund, Sweden

2000 - 2002  "Lunds stadshall", Lund, Sweden. See more

2000 - "S:t Staffansgården"  Staffanstorp", Sweden. See more

2000 - "The mobile gallery", Möllevångsvägen in Lund, Sweden. See more

1993 - Art & photo exhibition in studio Marie Andrén, Monbijougatan in Malmö, Sweden


2009 & 2010 - Course in painting with artist Inga Björstedt. See more

2003 & 2004 - Course in painting, "Huseby bruk" in Småland, Sweden​

2002 - 2003 - "Skånska Målarskolan", Art school,  teacher Ulf Stålhane and Gunnar Frieberg, Malmö, Sweden. See more

1995 - 1999 -Teachers education, "Malmö högskola" and university of Lund, Sweden

1993 - 1994 - Photographer trainee and model work with  photographer Marie Andrén, Malmö, Sweden. See more

1993 - Computer aided design (4p) LTH, Lund, Sweden

1992 -  Art science (20p) Lund university, Sweden

1992 - 1993 - Graphic design & illustration, RMI-Berghs, Stockholm, Sweden

1992 - Croquis drawing with artist Åke Arenhill

1991 - Natural science & art class, secondary school, "Katedralskolan", Lund, Sweden

1987 -1997  - Model work and phothographer trainee: Storm i London, Sweden models in Malmö, Ewa in Paris, Ford in New York


LundaCraft. See more




2018 kontrundan
Månadens bild 14
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